Daniel Sanchez Jr.
5600 S Midvale Park Rd
Tucson AZ 85746
Phone: (831)261-2240

Title: Center Protection Officer
Employer: ResCare at Fred G Acosta Job Corps
Dates: 06/2018 to present
Duties: Makes physical inspections and security checks of grounds and facility and documents results. Reports fires and assists in suppressing fires. Investigates incidents on center and provides clear and accurate reports.
Performs First-Aid and CPR as needed.
Controls disturbances and assists staff in de-escalating volatile situations. Performs routine vehicle inspections on GSA fleet. Completes required security, vehicle, and transportation logs, documentation, and records accurately and on time. Accurately logs and searches employees, visitors, vendors and students as they enter and exit the center.
Other duties as assigned
Title: Asset Protection
Employer: Walmart
Dates: 12/2011 to 04/2013
Duties: To patrol store property for potential shoplifters and make sure all employees are following safety rules and regulation
Job Title: Patrol Officer
Employer: Silent Alarm Security
Dates: 07/2011 to 11/2011
Duties: To patrol client’s property to detour theft and vandalism
Job Title: Security Officer
Employer: First Alarm Security
Dates: 04/2011 to 07/2011
Duties: To ensure the Safety of all employee's and patient of Natividad Medical
Center and to detour all criminal elements on Natividad property Job
Job Title: Security Officer
Employer: Universal Protection Service, Salinas Ca
Dates: 01/10 to 03/11
Duties: To observe and report all incidents that happen on the property
Job Title: Armed Guard
Employer: Chenega Integrated Systems, Monterey Ca Dates: 08/05 to 04/07
Duties: - Verify the ithe identity of all persons entering installations and assess all vehicles for threats to the installation. - Deter and prevent, by use of necessary use of force, unauthorized access to the installation through the access control point. - Immediately report illegal acts/ incidents, any attempts of unauthorized entry and all suspicious or unusual activity in accordance with local SOP. - Notify the military police and/or fire department in the event of an emergency situation.
Job Title: Sanitation
Employer: McCormick Company, Salinas Ca
Dates: 11/04 to 05/05
Duties: Sanitation and maintenance of all machinery and perimeters.reakdown cardboard and put in baler with a forklift
Job Title: Security Guard
Employer: Tanimura & Antle, Salinas Ca
Dates: 10/03 to 11/04
Duties: To patrol on foot or by a vehicle the TA property. Observe report all incidents on incident reports and file . Identify personnel and all other person coming on or going off property rounds of the perimeter and securing.
Job Title: Facility Maintenance
Employer: Dayton Street Cooling, Salinas Ca
Dates: 08/03 to 10/03
Duties: maintaining the facility including employee and visitor areas including loading docks, cooler, and restroom. Loading and unloading truck's and pallets by forklift into the cooler.
Education: High School/GED 1 Year of college
AZ Drivers
License Class: C (passenger car)
References: Available on request 3


Last Resume Update November 2, 2018
Address Tucson
Phone Number 8312612240

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