It is becoming more and more difficult to find, trust, and maintain good medical institutions or doctors. undoubtedly they know their stuff, but often times they don't take the time to get to know their patients beyond diagnostics. My goals is to find a job that can allow me the opportunity to help others on a personable and compassionate level. Alternative methods of healing, other than what is readily accessible in the western world, is a constant study that I hold dear to my life. Helping people find what is right for them is just one way we can begin to help the world.

I am dedicated, a hard worker who strives to prove loyalty to organizations that show me they have a vision and mission braided with compassion and integrity. I worked very closely with individuals in my previous job and have therefore exercised and developed my interpersonal and customer service skills. My passion is to help people holistically, to the best of my abilities.

Last Resume Update October 21, 2019
Address Tucson
Phone Number 503-784-7741

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