Aspiring Cannabis Geneticist

Larry Aaron
Phone: 520.244.4085


Grower: Flower Team ‐ Good Meds - Denver, CO ‐ 6/18 to 1/19
⦁ Daily Inspection of the health and vitality of the flowering plants in the assigned rooms. Inspected plants for nutrient deficiencies, lockout, hermaphrodites, pests and mold infestations.
⦁ Daily monitoring of the humidity and temperature readings for each room. Additional daily feeds in each room as it relates to the grow medium presently in use.
⦁ Daily checks and maintenance of all irrigation systems and automated feeds throughout each room. Ensured the water pH is properly calibrated using combo meters and litmus paper, nutrient dosages are accurate and replaced when the tanks become too low.
⦁ Defoliated and pruned plants in weeks 3, 6, and 9. Trellis training as needed up to three tiers of netting.
• Maintained a consistent pesticide spray application schedule, adhering to both MED and EPA regulations.
⦁ Cleaned and sanitized rooms post harvest and cleaned and sanitized common work areas in the facility daily.
⦁ Assisted other teams throughout the facility as needed.

Grow Assistant: Harvest Team ‐ Good Meds - Denver, CO - 1/18 to 6/18
⦁ Harvest assigned rooms: organized harvest by strain and license type.
⦁ Cut down, weighed plants, trimmed plants for dry hang and curing, hand shucked designated plants for freezer storage and concentrate processing.
⦁ Cleaned and sanitized rooms post harvest.
⦁ METRC trained to update inventory data of plants that have been harvested.
⦁ Pruned and transplanted veg clones from 1 gallon pots to 5 gallon pots.
⦁ Pruned and defoliated mother veg plants.
⦁ Pruned and defoliated flowering plants.

Trimmer ‐ LivWell Enlightened Health - Denver, CO ‐ 7/17 to 9/17
⦁ Wet trimmed harvested plants at the specified quota and meeting the desired company standards. Averaged 3 to 4 plants per hour/28 to 32 plants per shift.
⦁ Separated contaminated trimmed flower to be processed into concentrates, edibles, etc.

Grower's Assistant ‐ Whole Meds ‐ Denver, CO - 11/16 to 3/17
⦁ Daily inspection of all rooms in the facility: temperature, humidity, plant health and vitality. Monitored and adjusted the water pH for the cloner tanks.
⦁ Pruned and transplanted veg clones from 1 gallon into 5 gallon pots.
⦁ Logged plant METRC IDs when transferring plants from veg to flower rooms.
⦁ Built nutrient feeds based upon the needs of each room and the week/stage of the plant life cycle for veg and flower.
⦁ Pesticide and foliar spray applications and logged according to MED regulations.
⦁ Pruned and defoliated flowering plants as directed
• Harvested mature plants
⦁ Cleaned and sanitized harvested rooms, common areas of the facility, and empty pots after transplanting.

Bachelor of Science - Animation - Westwood College - Denver, CO
Associate of Applied Science - Graphic Design and Multimedia - Westwood College - Denver, CO

Last Resume Update August 29, 2019
Address Tucson

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