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Tiffany R. Hudson

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Work Experience:


Lead Transportation Security Officer 09/2002-11/2018


Passenger Screening encompasses performing physical and information-based screening of people and accessible property in order to identify individuals who may pose a threat as well as detecting objects which may pose a threat to transportation security. Performing physical searches of baggage looking for prohibited items such as weapons or incendiary devices. Behavior detection is a technique that uses observed behavior and appearance indicators to identify potentially high-risk individuals who may pose a threat to transportation security.


Responsible for leading security team of three or more on a daily basis. Identifying, distributing and balancing workload in accordance with established workflow and skill level, making adjustments to accomplish workload in accordance with existing priorities. Using teamwork and communication skills to accomplish shared goals. Implementing security procedures and operating procedures while providing customer service and world class security.



Medical Specialist 03/1998-03/2002


Serving in the US Army as a Medical Specialist and soldier I worked with all types of people from various backgrounds. Assigned to an aviation unit I worked at a Troop Medical Clinic on the airfield. Caring for patients, getting vital signs, drawing blood and performing  IV therapy and various routine procedures. Responsible for training employees on all Medical skills and Infection Control procedures. Responsible for maintaining all Medical Records and the Medical Records room, while following SOP procedures and guidelines. Responsible for maintaining Inventory and Medical supplies and reordering of supplies. Using customer service and data entry skills such as answering phone calls in a courteous manner, scheduling appointments, assisting patients with necessary paperwork.

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